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The vision of American Creative Dance is to be a company of five dancers, three musicians, with stage and technical professionals such as a stage manager, lighting and set designer, costume/make-up designer, working ten months a year, paid twelve.  Time off will probably be several increments of a week or two weeks at the time, amounting to about eight weeks a year.  Artists need time for recreation and rejuvenation in order to function at their best.

As far as we know there is no such company in this country.  Even the big ballet companies in the United States do not employ performers year round.  Most dance companies that pay dancers at all do not do so for more than a few months a year.  In order to qualify for unemployment, a dancer must have worked for pay for twenty-six weeks; only a very few of America's dancers are fortunate enough to qualify for unemployment for the months they do not have income each year.  Dancers who do have paying work often must supplement that with other work even during the part of the year they have income from dance because their work is so ill paid.   Even the lowest paid other professionals, persons with college degrees and high levels of skill, are not ever as ill paid as dancers in this country.

We want to pay performers and artists a decent salary and provide benefits such as health insurance and at least a 401k plan.

We want to free our performers up from the strain of perpetually hunting for money to pay the rent and feed themselves and free them up to create great works of performance art.  We want them to be paid like other comparable professionals, educators or researchers for example.

The company will create six to ten evenings of dance to show the public each year, giving performances in the space in our Center in runs of several weeks each.

Company members will all be accomplished professionals who have a strong desire to do the kind of work we do.  The dancers will demonstrate in a


rigorous audition process that they not only possess the physical skills needed but that they have the creative abilities and interpersonal skills necessary for our work.  Since the actual dance work is unique, new dancers must be willing to acquire the new skills and techniques required.  They must be willing to undergo a period of apprenticeship and training.  Likewise new musicians must be willing to acquire the skills needed to create and perform with us and undergo a period of apprenticeship.

Our designers and others are seasoned professionals with consummate skills in their area.  They enjoy the collaborative process and use their skills to achieve the kind of integrated performance the company creates .


70 Fourth Place, #4-D, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231
(718) 875-7369


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