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The vision of American Creative Dance is for it to have a Center in New York where it does its work.

Ideally, the Center would be in Manhattan, convenient to both the company members and the public, perhaps in the west 20's where there are large buildings some of which are now art galleries where the work of some of the artists with whom we already have relationships is exhibited.  It will be necessary to refurbish a building and suit it to our needs.

One requirement is studios and performance space with sprung floors for dance.  The company needs space with mirrors for daily company class and rehearsal.  The studios need to have floor space at least as large as the stage of the performance space.  Commodious dressing rooms for the performers will contribute to their comfort and enable them to work more easily.

The work of this company is intimate chamber work appropriate to an ensemble of its size, so the performance space would be intimate as well, perhaps a maximum of two hundred seats.  This company would never need Broadway type stage technology, but we do need the best stage lighting and of course, the sprung floors.  Unlike ballet companies, we prefer good sprung wood floor not covered by Marly or other covering.  We need wings and a way to go behind the stage from the wings to the other side.   Dancers will need to be able to go from the dressing rooms to the wings.

Technical space will include a light booth, a properties room, places for set preparation and storage space.

A company like this requires a business manager who will need an office and space for an assistant with room for office equipment.  The director and technical staff require office space on the premises as well.

Since modern technology allows us to make audio and video recordings of our priceless work for distribution to those who cannot be at performances in person and to allow for study of our work, space for the computers and equipment necessary have the wiring needed.  There is also viewing space for audio and video recordings where the public and researches can use the archives we are establishing.

American Creative Dance has a growing collection of visual art created for performances.  A small gallery allows the public to view these works when they are not being used in performance.

Our Center is a haven for the human spirit, the place where we create and where others can participate as spectators in the dialogue our work always strives to be with the highest and best in human nature.


70 Fourth Place, #4-D, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231
(718) 875-7369


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