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There are many arts institutions in the world, large and small.  What is special about American Creative Dance?

Creativity .

Not only does this company have a unique dance and musical style which allows all its performers to create their own work in performance, but it has a unique way of solving all creative problems connected with its work and performance.

Creativity is the highest of the higher order thinking skills that human beings can engage in. It is like yeast; a little of it in the world raises the entire body.  It is, for many of those who believe in a divine being, the thing that is most godlike in humans, a way for them to participate in the creation of

the world.  For those who don't believe in that model, it is still the human faculty that solves apparently insoluble problems and moves individuals and groups forward into new areas of life and endeavor. 

American Creative Dance is pouring creativity out into the universe, enriching the world beyond anyone's ability to see.  Audience members have commented over the years about the impact that its performance has on them.  We have heard spectators say that a performance of ours changed their lives.  We hear over and over that people are inspired by our work to go out and live their lives with renewed confidence and strength.

And these remarks have been made when we are just doing what we do, making dance and music and art.  Our intention is to bring the greatest joy to ourselves and to our audience, but we find that what we often bring is transformation of ourselves and others.

We have been able to have this kind of impact with very small annual budgets and virtually no assets other than our own very rich creative genius.  We want to create even more good by having our total vision funded and operating


This is the story and the vision.  We invite you to join us in the most wonderful, sacred, exciting, transforming, productive endeavor we can imagine.

American Creatice Dance is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts organization.


70 Fourth Place, #4-D, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231
(718) 875-7369


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