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Nancy Van Ness has been working on her unique dance technique since the late 1960's when she decided to involve all the performers in the creative process through improvisation. In traditional dance in the West, a choreographer creates the dance, usually having first decided on a piece of music to which to set it. Then, dancers are told how to execute the dance and musicians play the music, which itself was composed by another person. Van Ness, whose career began in that way, first experimented with improvisation in classes for amateurs.

The problem, she found, was to discover a way for professional dancers to improvise in the creation of art, not just recreation or fun. A long search began, leading to the development of Van Ness Technique, a system of movement originating in the abdomen and lower spine and permitting dancers to work together and musicians to follow the movement in order to accompany it. Today, the company are masters of this system of movement that allows them to solve creative problems and create beautiful and meaningful dance forms in solo and ensemble pieces.

The dance work lends itself to coordination with art objects. Julia Karll, who makes abstract objects and installations from specially prepared newspaper and VHS tape, collaborated with the company for its performance of Judith. Don Werner created art objects for cosmic trio.

American Creative Dance has accepted invitations to perform at the New York Public Library and appeared in an art film in 2003.

Art Object by Don Werner