The dance technique unique to American Creative Dance does not need music.  The rhythm is determined by the pattern of the dancer's movement impulses.  It is interesting, however, to add a sound dimension to a performance.  The sounds of the dancers' breathing and their feet are already evident.  Dancers can decide to make other sounds with their own voices or to augment sounds created by the movement. 

The company's musicians contribute to the dance.  Principal vocalist Lena Gilbert has learned to see the dancers' movement impulses as well as dancers do in order to make sounds that accompany them.  She is very virtuose at translating the subtleties of the movement into sound, making different qualities of sound for each kind of movement. 

The music is atonal and often incorporates percussive sounds in the tradition of contemporary music.  It can be lyrical and haunting or powerful and energetic.  It conforms to the nature of the dance.

To hear excerpts from the unique music of this company click below:

Etude 1
etude 2  
etude 3